Articles for Version control

  • Subversion - Beyond Compare SVN setup


    Beyond Compare SVN setup Here is the official documentation on how to integrate BC3 with TortoiseSVN. Diff Select Settings from Explorer's TortoiseSVN submenu. Switch to the Diff Viewer tab. Change the radio buttons from TortoiseMerge to External. In both the path edits, enter: "C:\Program Files...

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  • SVN Errors


    This page is dedicated to cataloguing all SVN errors and how to resolve them. General strategy when files won't commit A good general strategy is to commit files in batches. Specifically, commit all the "modified", then all the "deleted" files, then "deleted" folders. Deleted folders are often a ...

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  • Create New Project


    Step 1: Go to Repo-Brower (right click your dev folder root eg c:\dev or c:\data\projects) Step 2: If needed create a new Folder for the Client eg. Shift Step 3: Right click CodelibMVC and use "Copy to" command eg. svn://sam4/Shift/Starship Step 4: Right click the new folder and click "Checkout". S...

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