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Issues with jquery ui datepicker in Chrome


answer from http://forum.jquery.com/topic/jqueryui-datepicker-and-google-chrome


Here is the scenario:


The page contains a form, with a dropdown box, a date field (with JQueryUI Datepicker) and a submit button.


When I click on the submit button in Chrome, it opens the Datepicker box.   In other browsers, the submit button correctly submits the form and reloads the page.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






For some reason,  I was using the new type="date" in the input (as below)


<input name="calcdate" value="$calcdate" id="datepicker" type="date"  />


This new type='date' is only currently supported by Google Chrome, hence the only one to throw up errors.  The reason for the error is that Google tries to validate the input using the format xx-xx-xxxx, whereas my datepicker was formatted as xx/xx/xx.


Anyone experiencing this problem in future releases, should either remove the type="date", or better still, convert the datepicker format to be xx-xx-xxxx.


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