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Every month  I am going to highlight us a new podcast to listen to. The idea is everyone could try out listening to a couple of episodes to see if you like it and want to subscribe.


Beweb Podcasts Library!

I have now shared my iTunes podcast library, so don't need to subscribe and download all these podcasts separately. This can be accessed from within itunes as a "shared library" on my computer (drunk). See me for help on setting this up.


I have also started rating podcasts that are particularly interesting. This way you can create a playlist of all 4 or 5 star rated podcasts. I am going to rate as 4 stars for recommended and 5 stars for compulsory listening. I would like to everyone to listen to these.


August 2010

This month's featured podcast is RadioNZ's This Way Up. This has lots of interesting stuff - some tech related and some not at all.



After a breather, here are some more podcasts to trial.


February 2011


Probably the best podcast related to .NET programming, Hanselminutes interviews people about new technologies (eg new versions of MVC), how to use various techniques and topics of interest.



March 2011

IT Conversations - Software Development

This feed combines several podcasts on web and software development (eg Technometria, Stackoverflow) with sessions from open source conferences (eg Orielly, MySQL). Skip over episodes that you don't find interesting. I find Technometria really good, and there is quite a lot of that. Also included and often really good is episodes from BayCHI (San Fran Bay Computer Human Interaction) group - which discusses user experience design and social media - from analysis of Wikipedia or Amazon to new technology for typing with your eyeballs or What Web Application Design Can Learn from the Harpsichord.



April 2011

The Official jQuery Podcast

This is all about jQuery, and is really good for finding out where jQuery is going (and jQuery UI), what plugins are recommended, and some tips. It also useful to hear who the core team members are (useful if you are googling something and you see posts by them then you know they are fairly reliable).



May 2011


The podcast for all those involved in designing, developing and running websites. This covers topics such as business objectives and return on investment, google analytics, user experience design, wireframing and information architecture, content, calls to action, design process, client involvement, how to handle difficult clients, practical design tips, HTML/CSS and web standards, accessibility and graceful degradation, latest design and technology trends.



Jan 2012


This is a fairly silly podcast about jQuery by a bunch of jQuery insiders having a laugh (mostly) and talking about jQuery related topics (secondarily). 





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