How to set up Android phone for debugging


On the phone

1. Go into apps (the grid button) and find the settings (cog icon)

2. For debugging apps go to Settings > Security > Allow installation from unknown sources adn turn it on.

3. For USB debugging, set to developer mode (go to About and tap the Build Number 7 times), then set Enable USB debugging on.

On the PC

1. Install the driver - you will need this - eg Samsung USB driver (get it here) or Google Nexus driver here

2. When plugging phone in via USB it should beep. If it doesn't then the cable may be no good - try another cable.

3. In Chrome, go to chrome://inspect and the app or website to debug should appear. If it doesn't check the USB connection mode (slide down from top of phone, it will be in the notifications). If it says "USB debugging connected" you are good. It may say "USB for Photos - touch for options" or similar - change it to Files.

Fiddler setup

1. Download Fiddler

2. Download CertMaker plugin

check this is good:

3. Switch on HTTP in Fiddler options and enable devices to connect using fiddler certs

4. In top right hand corner in Fiddler, hover over the icon to see the IP address on the local wifi

5. On the phone in a browser, enter the IP address with port 8888 eg

6. You should see a page about Fiddler. If not, try restarting Fiddler. Click link to download certificate, install it, give it a name eg Fiddler. If you are prompted to add a lock screen password, you will need to do it.

7. On phone under Settings > Wifi hold down the connection for 2 seconds to show options. Set the proxy to manual and enter IP address and port 8888.

8. Go to any website in browser and see if network is coming through to fiddler, check HTTP is coming through with full details.

Tip: if you see too much stuff, you can change it to filter by "non-browser" which includes connected devices

9. Go to app you are testing all HTTP and HTTPS network requests should be viewable in fiddler

10. Connect the PC to VPN to enable office IP for developer options in the app, and hotswapping directly from development machine to phone eg "hotswap goblin" will work


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