Check an email for SPAM


Spam Testing

If you need to Check an email for it's SPAM score, try this online test tool:


 - send email with title Test to  to get a report on that email.








would love -


Things to Try

If you encounter issues with Yahoo (email not being delivered or even spammed)  try the following suggestions:

check configuration of DKIM and SPF using:


Here's some tips to get this moving forward:

I am assuming you have ruled out the following:

  • Open Relay

  • Insecure web script being used by hackers/spammers

  • Client sending out large newsletters

Forwarded Emails

Just a special note about this as many people don't realize this can get you blocked.

If your client forwards and email to Yahoo (or AOL, Gmail, MSN etc) and then the user flags the email as spam at their ISP:

Your server's sender reputation is damaged not the original sender.

Since as much as 80% of email is spam, a large percentage of the forwarded emails could be spam. Even at low volumes such a large percentage will get you blocked.

See if any Email Gets Through

You will also want to scan your logs over several days to see if any email gets through. Sometimes a block will be lifted but if you are still sending a high amount of spam, you will get blocked.

If you can update your question with some details on the mail stats, forwarding and other items, perhaps I can provide some more assistance.

As a last resort, you can change your server's IP address, but do this only after you clean up any items that could be triggering their policies.


More information found at:


Setting up SPF

SPF is easy to set up. It just involves adding a DNS record. This should be done for all domains that send email from a webserver. For example if we send mail from our webserver, that domain needs the DNS record added.


The DNS record is a TXT record with a value like "v=spf1 ip4: ?all". This is the value for sending mail from versa.


SPF tester:


Setting up DKIM


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