AHK Scripts


Here is an AHK script I use. Mike wrote some of it.

Win-Calc is useful, and type email (ctrl shift-e)

; examples
;#n::Run Notepad ; this means the Win+n
;!n::Run Notepad ; this means Alt+n
;^n::Run Notepad ; this means Ctrl+n
;+n::Run Notepad ; this means shift+n
; escape char is backtick eg `%
#c::Run calc

SetTitleMatchMode 2

if (A_PriorHotkey <> "^#LButton" || A_TimeSincePriorHotkey > 100) 
Click 2 
Send ^v 

; undo-redo to take cursor back to previous place (useful in homesite or visual studio)
F4::Send ^z^+z
; ctrl-shift-D for insert current datestamp
^+d:: ; This hotstring replaces ctrl-shit-d with the current date and time via the commands below.
FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, yyyyMMdd
SendInput %CurrentDateTime% 
; ctrl-shit e types email address
SendInput jeremy@beweb.co.nz
; alt-] to close block <%}%> for use while in ASPX file `%> ;!]::Send <`%{}} ctrl-shift-f2="" for="" rename="" file="" with="" current="" datestamp="" f2::send="" f2="" left="" 4="" _="" a_yyyy="" a_mm="" a_dd="" ctrl-shift-b="" backup="" in="" beyond="" compare="" but="" doesn="" t="" really="" work="" yet="" ifwinactive="" ahk_class="" tviewform="" unicodeclass="" b::send="" c="" a="" down="" 3="" enter="" tab="" v="" right="" _beweb="" backups="" zip="" 8::="" send="" begin="" renaming="" -="" first="" copy="" filename="" new="" to="" f="" select="" using="" find="" by="" ctlr-right="" assumes="" this="" keyboard="" shortcut="" is="" mapped="" bc="" live="" del="" delete="" on="" both="" sides="" mike="" original="" put="" back="" nice="" spot="" go="" next="" return="" bc_getselectedfilename="" clipboard="" empty="" the="" ctrldown="" ac="" ctrlup="" clipwait="" wait="" contain="" text="" bc_findfilename="" winwait="" ifwinnotactive="" winactivate="" winwaitactive="" sleep="" 100="" 1000="" bc_rename="" newfilename="" ctrl-shift-right="copy" temp="" minimise="" downtime="" during="" right::="" save="" prev="" contents="" savedclipboard="" :="savedClipboard" just="" single="" files="" only="" at="" stage="" bc_copyfileright="" 1="" all="" start="" _temp_="" home="" 2="" while="" true="" if="" substr="" 6="" remove="" prefix="" else="" break="" restore="" visual="" studio="" microsoft="" duplicate="" line="" and="" comment="" out="" date="" ::="" d="" up="" controldown="" kc="" controlup="" mn="" space="" formattime="" currentdatetime="" dd-mmm-yyyy="" sendinput="" quick="" build="" ctrl-b="" bor="" bb="" full="" uses="" release="" bo="" ctrl-f5="" refresh="" browser="" f5::="" altdown="" b="" altup="" windows="" internet="" explorer="" mouseclick="" 401="" 749="" f5="" alt-="" close="" block=""> for use while in ASPX file !]::Send <`%{}}^z ifwinactive="" end="" vs="" homesite="" ahk_class="" tfallaireclientmain="" duplicate="" line="" d::send="" home="" shiftdown="" down="" shiftup="" c="" v="" up="" internet="" explorer="" only="" ieframe="" space::="" send="" sleep="" 500="" enter="" q="" tab="" return="" f8::send="" left="" pre="">


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