SVN Errors


This page is dedicated to cataloguing all SVN errors and how to resolve them.


General strategy when files won't commit

A good general strategy is to commit files in batches. Specifically, commit all the "modified", then all the "deleted" files, then "deleted" folders. Deleted folders are often a problem. Only after that should you ever worry about "excluding" files - as this is also often causes problems.



When committing, some items may have the "obstructed" status.
Fix: right-click and hit "Revert". This may help. Alternatively, remove the files from repo-browser and then add them again by committing.


Tree conflict

When committing, some items may have the "tree conflict" status.
Fix: right-click and hit "Resolved"


Entry has no URL

When committing folder deletions by right clicking "missing" files/folders and hitting delete.

Command: Commit 
Error: Commit failed (details follow): 
Error: Entry for 'C:\Dev\sb\BNZIntranetGame\Site\images\ui.jquery.themes' has no URL 
Error: Try a 'Cleanup'. If that doesn't work you need to do a fresh checkout.  
Fix: Not quite sure yet...


It seems that this could be caused by an "obstructed" folder. If this is the case, you can delete the folder from Repo Browser, then remove the folder entry from the "entries" file in the .svn folder of the parent, then commit and you will be allowed to the folder back. (In the case I have just had, this was all caused by moving a folder into a subfolder - which would have moved all the .svn subfolders too).


Working copy locked

Command: Commit 
Error: Working copy 'C:\Dev\sb\BNZIntranetGame\Site' locked 
Error: Please execute the 'Cleanup' command. 
Fix: delete "lock" file out of the folder mentioned. (Don't bother with cleanup - it won't work!)


Can't move SVN tmp entries

Any time when trying to do a commit or update.

Error: Can't move  
Error: 'C:\Dev\sb\BNZIntranetGame\Site\js\tiny_mce_3_2_6\plugins\media\langs\.svn\tmp\entries'  
Error: to  
Error: 'C:\Dev\sb\BNZIntranetGame\Site\js\tiny_mce_3_2_6\plugins\media\langs\.svn\entries':  
Error: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. 

Fix: just ignore it and it goes away - do a commit, then an update and it will fix it.


File not found - need to delete folder

When trying to svn delete a file and a folder and then commit.

Error: File not found: transaction '3872-3a0', path '/sb/InsureYou/Site/Views/Common/PolicyInformation.ascx'  

Fix: The fix was to go into Repo Browser and create the folder that this new file is in (so in this case Views/Common), then commit again.


Cannot add to ignore list!

When trying to ignore a file in the commit dialog.

Cannot add to ignore list! 

Fix: You may be trying to ignore a file that either:

a) is already in subversion - so you need to use repobrowser to delete the file first before you can ignore it

b) isn't in subversion and nor is its parent folder - in this case you need to ignore the parent folder instead of ignoring files inside it.


Commit failed. Path not present.

Error: Commit failed (details follow): 
Error: While preparing  
Error: 'C:\Dev\Horizon\HorizonPoll\Site\attachments\290x175_240x175\eilder-group-pedrosimones.jpg'  
Error: for commit 
Error: Path 'attachments' not present  
Fix: Add the folder "attachments" using repo-browser and then commit again. If it is a subfolder that is not found (eg Path 'images/jqueryui' not present then you will need to first commit just the "images" folder and then create the subfolder "jqueryui" using repo-browser (don't be tempted to create both folders because "images" might actually be fine - just do a smaller commit).


Commit failed. File already exists with transaction code.

When trying to commit.

Error: Commit failed (details follow):  

Error: File already exists: filesystem 'C:/beweb/SVNRepository/BewebRep/db',   

Error: transaction '4785-43t', path '/projects/Edenz/fckeditor'  

Fix: Export the project to a temporary place like your Desktop. Delete all files under your troublesome folder (keep the .svn folder though). Go to RepoBrowser and delete everything in that folder. Update the Working Directory - you should get nothing. Run a commit on the folder now, highlight anything that appears and right click and choose "revert". Beyond Compare the two folders, copy all files from your Desktop Exported folder back into the Working Directory, and commit. 


Can't stat [filename]. Access is denied.

When trying to commit.

Can't stat [filename]. Access is denied

 Fix: The problem is that Visual Studio has the file open. Close Visual Studio. Reopen and commit again.


Commit failed. Base checksum mismatch 

When trying to commit

Fix: Copy all files in your project to a temporary backup folder. Click "Revert" on your original project folder. Diff changed files with the backup folder, copy your changed files into the original project folder. Commit and your original folder is back to normal. If this doesn't work, copy your project folder, delete the original, check it out again, and diff the two folders.


Working copy path does not exist in repository 

When updating.

Fix: Copy all files in your project to a temporary backup folder. Delete the original folder, then check it out again from Repo Browser. Diff changed files with the backup folder, copy your changed files into the original project folder. Commit, then update.


Files to ignore

You can use the global ignores in C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Roaming\Subversion\config

Add this line below (without a hash):

global-ignores = *.cache *.suo *.user *.db *BewebCore.dll *SavvyMVC.dll *Site.dll _ReSharper* .svn obj *.pdb bin-pub


These files should be ignored:

Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2010/Backup Files
Visual Studio 2010/Backup Files/HorizonPoll
Visual Studio 2010/StartPages


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