Create New Project


Step 1: Go to Repo-Brower (right click your dev folder root eg c:\dev or c:\data\projects)

Step 2: If needed create a new Folder for the Client eg. Shift

Step 3: Right click CodelibMVC and use "Copy to" command eg. svn://sam4/Shift/Starship

Step 4: Right click the new folder and click "Checkout". Set your correct local checkout directory (eg  c:\data\projects\shift\starship)

Step 5: Go to your newly checked folder and open the file Site.csproj using Notepad

Step 6: Change the Line "<IISUrl>http://localhost/codelibMVC</IISUrl>" to <IISUrl>http://localhost/Starship</IISUrl>

Step 7: Rename CodelibMVC.sln to Starship.sln

Step 7a: Double click Starship.sln and build it. Go to website in browser and resolve any errors (see ASP_NET Error Messages)

Step 8: Open up SQLserver and create New Database eg. Starship

Step 9: Go to Web_ConnectionStrings.config and go to the Line "ConnectionStringDEV" where "Catalog=codelibMVC" and change to "Catalog=Starship"

Step 10: Build project

Step 11: Go to the Tests page and click "Add Fields to Database" and Build project

Step 12: Next go to the database in SQL server and delete any tables that aren't required for this project

Step 13: Go to the Tests page and click "Gen Models" and Build project

Step 14: Next go to website in browser and resolve any errors. Here are some likely errors:

  • Parser Error: Could not load type 'Site.MvcApplication' - you need to Build the app
  • "ContentPage must be set in ViewData" - you will need to create a home page in the page table with page code "Home" or will you get this error


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